Country Dirt – Lauren Alaina, Zac Brown Band & Kenny Chesney

Congratulations to Lauren Alaina! In a surprise turn of events, she announced at the Grand Ole Opry Saturday night that she is engaged! She said “Bride be dang’d, ya’ll. My best friend asked me to marry him.” She’s since shared the news on Instagram with the sweetest pictures of her, and her fiancé Cameron.

Earlier this month Dolly Parton was inducted into the rock n’roll hall of fame, and her back-up band for the evening was… Zac Brown Band.

Kenny Chesney is hitting the road next year for his “I Go Back” Tour.. a play off of his 2004 smash hit of the same name. The song is all about reminiscing on the good times growing up in small town America, and he says he wants to bring that feeling to his fans this tour.

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